KEEN 2020 Annual Report

33 “KEEN can inspire meaningful student engagement in an uncertain academic environment.” - Florida Gulf Coast University “We appreciate that KEEN experiments with new ways to promote collaboration. With continued experimentation, effective practices will be adopted that work for a large portion of the network.” - Campbell University “We hope that KEEN can continue to devise ways to bring groups of faculty together to share ideas and innovate. This is where the strength and long-term survival of the network will be.” - The George Washington University “EM and EML concepts create space for faculty to reflectively evaluate other aspects of their teaching, holistically thinking about value, curiosity, and connections in their courses, leading to course design and pedagogy beyond their original EM intentions. We would love to see more work that helps faculty learn to use the 3C’s as a holistic way of framing their work rather than as an activity or assignment that they might insert. For our faculty, it has been a great lens that has fostered broad changes in thinking that include but go beyond the 3Cs.” - Georgia Institute of Technology “This year, KEEN’s focus is on helping partners get through a year of online, asynchronous teaching. Going forward, the Network has an opportunity to make broad transformation in engineering education.” - Duke University “KEEN has shown its ability to modify approaches based on input from partners and external evaluators, which helps strengthen the Network overall. Long-term, we’d like to see KEEN become self-sustaining.” - Rowan University “This has been a good year for new ideas. Going forward, the focus might be on virtual conferences, incorporating EM into remote learning, and how to recognize opportunities in this disruption to our traditional teaching methods and setting.” - Bucknell University “The next academic year will likely continue to be full of uncertainty, and we expect that more than ever we will need to be responsive to evolving circumstances. It is comforting to know that EngineeringUnleashed and KEEN will be available to help provide support and a forum to share ideas. Of course, the Network needs to maintain its focus on advancing EM, but this can still occur in the face of a changing academic landscape. In fact, embracing the mindset of creating value is probably exactly what we need as we continue to face the challenges that are ahead.” - Rochester Institute of Technology “We would like to see KEEN partners share their plans for sustainability of EM implementations, and the development of a comprehensive resource on Engineering Unleashed that includes the need-to-know and who-to-know in the Network. Stories and highlights help partners leverage what’s been done before and make faster progress.” - Marquette University