KEEN 2020 Annual Report

32 “There clearly needs to be more focus on how to implement EM in virtual settings, whether fully online or in hybrid distance models. How to implement true active learning, project-based learning, and EML via remote means is a true need across the Network.” - St. Louis University “It might be interesting to see how the Network sees the future of education, given the Covid crisis and online education. What does KEEN see as the way ahead and how can KEEN help facilitate engineering education in these changing times?” - George Fox University “KEEN has been an online community for much of the academic year, an online community that grows closer as a result of COVID-19. Spotlights on online resources and hybrid curriculum may have long-lasting impacts on higher education. Given the changed landscape wrought by COVID-19, examining and promoting novel ways for students to learn, whether in a classroom or virtual environment, are important steps to take.” - Arizona State University “With the COVID-19 crisis, all of us had to shift nearly instantaneously to new and untried modes of education delivery as well as collaborative decision making and communication. A tremendous amount of experience has been generated as “raw data” in a very short time. Our wish is for the Network to be able to treat this as an opportunity, for all these organizations focused on pedagogy and delivery to leverage this time and translate what we’ve been doing more broadly - exemplifying EM by Creating Value as a Network. “ - University of St. Thomas “We hope that KEEN works to reach underrepresented groups and build stronger collaborations with non- engineering colleagues.” – University of Portland “KEEN has an opportunity to find a way for meaningful interaction given pandemic challenges.” – Santa Clara University “We want KEEN to become the go-to source for faculty working through online course delivery, especially that focused on development of EM and more general professional skills. We hope KEEN becomes one of the driving forces to transform Engineering Education into a more inclusive environment focused on developing more well-rounded engineers.” - Montana State University Innovate. Integrate. Motivate.