KEEN National Conference

February 3-5, 2022 | Virtual

Details Coming Soon!

The 2022 virtual KEEN National Conference will take place on February 3-5, 2022. Mark your calendars now!

Highlights from the 2021 Conference

"I appreciated the opportunity to hear from so many diverse voices across the network. I really enjoyed the blend of faculty voices at all different levels and the inclusion of thought leaders to share their insights."
- Cheryl Bodnar, Rowan University
KNC 2021 stats

The 2021 KEEN National Conference (#KNC2021) was held from February 3-5, 2021. 

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The #KNC2021 conference theme was built around Innovate. Integrate. Motivate

In today’s world, an entrepreneurial mindset has never been more important. As faculty, staff, and administrators, you are the change agents responsible for graduating engineers with both the skillset and the mindset they need to succeed.

  • As Innovators, you are reinventing engineering education - both to increase your students’ impact and to adapt to the new normal caused by the pandemic. 
  • As Integrators, you are implementing and sequencing high-quality student experiences - uniting mindset and skillset to unleash your students’ potential.
  • As Motivators, you are inspiring your colleagues and students - fueling your passions and igniting the passions of those around you.

Keynote Speakers

"Keynote addresses were uniformly excellent. Outstanding speakers and informative presentations."
- Sundar Krishnamurty, University of Massachusetts

Our keynote speakers were: 

Keynote Speakers

KEEN Talks

"Empowering and well-presented plenaries that were complemented by opportunities to break out and work in smaller groups."
- Mary Staehle, Rowan University

Our KEEN talkers were: 

KEEN Talkers

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"I could tell that the presenters in each of my breakout sessions had gone to great lengths to make it an interactive experience. I really liked that format, and am very appreciative of the time and energy it took to make that happen."
- Mike Rust, Western New England University

Here's a sample of the great breakout sessions from the conference:

Pandemic Insights

Pandemic Insights

How has COVID impacted faculty development and engagement on your campus? What changes did you make inside and outside the classroom? Dig into remote hackathons, use a photography analogy to motivate independent learning, and more!
Diversity and Inclusion

What Matters? Diversity and Inclusion

Courageously confront the changes needed in classrooms. Learn how to adopt entrepreneurial mindset strategies toward diversity and inclusion initiatives in your classroom, course, and program level activities. Plus, you're invited to contribute to a collaborative effort to share best practices and resources!
Supercharge Student Engagement

Supercharge Student Engagement

Student attention can be slippery to pin down. What are the mechanics behind human attention? Develop ways to make any topic, no matter how dry or technical, more interesting, curious, and engaging.
CardDeck Breakout KNC2021

CardDeck: 2021 KNC Breakout Sessions

Get the full collection of the breakout sessions from the 2021 KEEN National Conference! Design, align, adapt, and implement concepts and experiences from engineering faculty around the nation.