"Facilitating broader thinking across cultures and academic disciplines is essential in developing world-class STEM students who are prepared to enter a professional environment where there are no easy answers." 
-from A Message from 100 STEM Social Innovators

Catalyze. Lead. Create Value.

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Getting starting with the entrepreneurial mindset

Getting Started

With the Entrepreneurial Mindset

This collection of resources sparks ideas for makerspace activities, co-curriculars, intrinsic motivation, multidisciplinary teamwork, failing fast, leadership, and so much more!
Signals & Systems Without Control

Signals and Systems Without Control

Joe Tranquillo, Bucknell University

"I am not a sage on the stage or a guide on the side. In changing the project every year, I become a co-learner and co-author with my students."
Connecting Industry and Students

Connecting Industry and Students

Katherine Atkinson, Marquette University

"You don’t have to change who you are as a company in order to bring in the entrepreneurial mindset. You just have to change your approach in what you’re doing."

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Unconventional engineering

Why Unconventional Works in Engineering

"My mindset changed and I realized that there are almost no purely technical problems in the world," says Aaron Sakulich of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Read about his experiences!
A Vision for Value

A Vision for Value

Are engineers designers first—or value creators? Creating and delivering value is perhaps the ultimate expression of an entrepreneurially minded engineer. But what does "value" really mean?
From Engineers to Intrapreneurs

From Engineers to Intrapreneurs: An Educator's Toolbox

Great products make an emotional connection to the user. Do your students have a proper appreciation of intrapreneurship to prepare them for the dynamic, technology-driven business?

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