Value Creation for Effective Research

Do you need help developing a compelling value proposition for your research or project? 

Could you use tips on how to convince others that your approach is essential?

Workshop: Value Creation for Effective Research

Discovery and Research

The concepts of Value Creation are transformative to the way that students and faculty should perceive and engage with all aspects of the world around them. The skills I have learned from Value Creation workshops have made me a more engaging teacher, a better researcher, and a more effective contributor to my local community.
- From a workshop survey

Value Creation is the process of identifying and addressing the important needs of your stakeholders better than any alternative. To do this, you must: 

  • Identify the important stakeholder need
  • Develop a compelling, quantified, value proposition
  • Rapidly and efficiently establish the viability of your proposed research

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Value Creation for Effective Research

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Your Workshop Journey

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Reaching for value creation

Learn how to develop your value proposition, based on NABC: 

  1. The important stakeholder NEED
  2. The compelling APPROACH for your solution
  3. The BENEFITS per costs of your solution, and 
  4. The COMPETITORS and alternatives to your approach 

Answering these four questions is the start of all compelling proposals and research papers.

Key Deliverables

  • Identify key insights into why the important problem has not yet been solved
  • Learn how to convey what is special about your approach
  • Give and receive feedback to help one another build on each other’s ideas
  • Develop a common language to use with your collaborators to make value creation more effective and efficient
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