Faculty-Industry Relationships

Are you new to working with industry?

Could you use strategies and tips for interacting with industry partners, and ensuring effective outcomes?

Workshop: Faculty-Industry Relationships

Application and Industry

I found value in the connections with other people, the stimulation from the presentation that led to idea generation, and the time to think about this topic.
- From a workshop survey

Faculty-Industry Relationships (FIRe) is a workshop designed for faculty relatively new to working with industry. FIRe introduces faculty to strategies for working and interacting with industry partners given a shared goal of value creation.

Event Information

Faculty Industry Relationships

This event is currently closed.

Your Workshop Journey

FacDev Journey

Key Deliverables

  • Learn and employ various ways to engage with industrial partners
  • Be provided with sample agreements
  • Generate an understanding for the value these partnerships can bring to all parties (faculty, students, and the industry partner)
Faculty Industry Collaboration

Examples of Workshop Content

Creating connections through a first-year service course

Creating Connections Through a First-Year Service Course

Connects core chemical engineering concepts to real-world applications with this outline for the full semester design project, preliminary feedback for engaging a client, and future plans.
Industry-Academia Partnership Landscape

Industry-Academia Partnership Landscape

Industry-Academia Partnerships are vital to both parties, yet rarely are the partnerships planned, tracked, and evaluated. This card shares an infrastructure and landscape analysis framework that can help departments/colleges identify and deliver mutual benefits through new and existing partnerships.
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