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Engineering Unleashed Ambassadors and AIChE

Engineering Unleashed Ambassadors are community members who serve as liaisons for the entrepreneurial mindset to their engineering professional societies at the regional or national level.

AIChE is the Global Home of Chemical Engineers, working to solve societal problems and benefit humanity through the safe and responsible practice of chemical engineering.


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Meet the Ambassadors

Ambassador_Cheryl_Bodnar.png Ambassador_Erick_Vasquez.png Ambassador_Kristine_Horvat.png

Dr. Cheryl Bodnar
Rowan University

Dr. Erick Vasquez
University of Dayton

Dr. Kristine Horvat
University of New Haven

Ambassador_Margot_Vigeant.png Ambassador_Matthew_Liberatore.png

Dr. Margot Vigeant
Bucknell University

Dr. Matthew Liberatore
The University of Toledo

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Current Work

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Classroom Activities

The Ambassadors have published many classroom activities and projects for other faculty to download and adapt. Try these:

Video.pngCard 3069: Reverse Engineer YouTube Videos

Engage digital natives with this simple use of technology! Use these visual, creative, student-written problems for any course. Get Card 3069.

Syngas.pngCard 2220: A Game for Value-Creation and Reaction Thermodynamics

"My million dollar syngas plant" introduces and practices value creation through process design. Get Card 2220.

Open.pngCard 2955: Classroom Innovations for EML in Blended Learning Environments

Consider, critique, and connect aspects of open-ended projects and community-engaged learning, combined with hands-on teaching. Get Card 2955.

Molasses.pngCard 1428: Boston Molasses Disaster Tank Redesign

Travel back to 1919. Your students must convince the chairman of the company’s board to replace his tank with a tank made from better and cost effective material! Get Card 1428.

EU_swoosh_transbg.png Explore more ChemE and Comprehensive cards.

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