Community Catalysts

Engineering Unleashed Community Catalysts are faculty invested in driving forward the Engineering Unleashed mission. 


Community Catalysts (ComCats for short) serve six-month terms in a cohort of 15-25 faculty members. Cohorts gain insider knowledge of upcoming website features, review cards, provide coaching on the entrepreneurial mindset, curate content, conduct member interviews, and collaborate on special projects. 

The ComCat program also allows us the opportunity to celebrate and congratulate faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to the Engineering Unleashed community and beyond!

Your Current Cohort 8

Your Current Cohort

Cohort 8 runs from late July 2022 into January 2023. Get to know their names and faces and watch for their activities online (and off)!

Applications: Open

Community Catalysts

"I had an amazing time being a Community Catalyst. I enjoyed being a greeter, meeting new people and having fantastic conversations. This greatly improved my connectedness within the community!"

Have you published at least one Engineering Unleashed card?

Do you want to further the mission to bring the entrepreneurial mindset to engineering students?

Apply today! Faculty selected will receive training, resources, collaboration opportunities, and ongoing guidance from the community managers.