Case Studies

of the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Integrate Expert-Driven Case Studies Into Your Classes

What if your students could experience a new type of case study - connected to real-world opportunities with industry experts?

Real-world case studies help students understand how technical concepts coupled with curiosity, making connections, and creating value can lead to new products and businesses. Also, understanding how course concepts apply to real world engineering establishes the relevance of the material, enhancing students' motivation to learn.

The literature is clear: Case studies help students develop critical thinking skills.

iFLY Case Study Modules

Card #3589
Terminal Velocity & Drag Coefficient

Card #4180
Conservation of Mass

Card #4192
Conservation of Momentum

Card #4193
Conservation of Energy

Card #3891
Bernoulli's Principle

Card #4204
Technical & EM Related Questions from iFLY Engineers

More Case Study Modules

Card #3294
Innovations by Garrett Brown

Card #3091
Capstone to Company: Christini Motorcycles

Card #3085
Marv White of Sportvision

Card #3078
Design Thinking with Mike Nuttall

Card #3090
Julia Anthony & TwistJect

Card #2920
The Mighty Mug

Card #1065
Turbotap Rapid Beer Dispenser

Want Even More Cases?

The Case Study Project: Join Us!

This series of entrepreneurial mindset case studies were developed by Dr. Ken Bloemer (University of Dayton), Dr. Sid Gunasekaran (University of Dayton), Dr. Jonathan Weaver (University of Detroit Mercy), and various other faculty from KEEN partner universities.


These case studies are intended to illustrate ways that entrepreneurially minded engineers (EMEs) have capitalized on their knowledge of specific engineering topics covered in typical undergraduate courses. 

As they are mostly told directly from the entrepreneurially minded engineer’s (EME’s) and/or inventor-innovator’s perspectives, they reveal passion and persistence, setbacks and spectacular value-adding successes. They are stories that help all involved develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the opportunity to impact skillsets.


  • To directly support our shared mission of graduating engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset so they can create personal, economic and societal value through a lifetime of meaningful work. 
  • To help make EML simply a part of mainstream engineering education by including teaching with case studies. 

Get Involved

  • Adopt an entrepreneurially minded (EM) case study. Each case study card on Engineering Unleashed contains a Discussion box. Use it to give feedback to the author(s) and ask questions. View the collection.