Card Review

A peer-provided service

Send your card through our peer-review service!

  • Receive collaborative feedback/mentorship from peers.
  • Add further distinction to your community contributions.
  • Increase the amount of quality cards on Engineering Unleashed.
  • Include your reviewed cards on your CV, LinkedIn, and reports.

Cards are assessed using the card review rubric.

How to Get a Card Review

In your card's Edit screen, a Review section appears when you:

  • Make your first Save on your new draft card.
  • Have an existing draft or published card.

All authors and editors of the card will be able to see this section. You can send draft and published cards in for a complimentary review!


Review Process

  1. Click the Submit for Review button. Your card will enter a card review queue.
    1. Your card now has a Submitted status.
  2. An Engineering Unleashed card reviewer will select your card for review.
    1. Your card now has an Under Review status.
    2. Cards are assessed using the card review rubric. You can access it from your card via the blue "using this rubric" link (as seen in the above image). 
  3. During the review process, the card reviewer may contact you through your card's Author Notes.
  4. When you receive your review, you will see one or the other of these statuses:
    • Updates Suggested. You may choose to work with the card reviewer to make updates. 
    • Reviewed. Your card review is complete.  

Green_review_checkmark.png Reviewed

Reviewed cards receive both a green Reviewed Card checkmark and a Reviewed date. Community members can search specifically for peer-reviewed cards using search filters.


Exemplar Cards

Exemplar cards are a growing body of curated cards by the community managers. These cards have been determined by the community managers to:

  • Be highly mission-aligned
  • Provide coherency to the overall body of knowledge
  • Fill identified gaps
  • Showcase cards that are novel or seminal

EU_swoosh_transbg.png Browse exemplar cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Card review on Engineering Unleashed is a peer-provided service by community members who are trained to review cards, provide feedback, and collaborate with the card author or editor. This is a collaborative review solution meant to help authors and editors enhance their content and presentation.

Is card review mandatory? 

No. Card review is a completely opt-in process. 

Does a card have to be reviewed to be published? 

No. A review is not required to publish a card. 

Does a card have to be published to be reviewed?

A card can be in draft or be published. Ask for help with your first draft - or when you update an existing card!

Who can submit a card for review?

Every author or editor can submit both draft and published cards to receive constructive feedback.

Is card review a formal process? 

Not at this time. Engineering Unleashed card review is an informal, peer-provided review. That said, we hope that authors with peer-reviewed cards will proudly display or reference them publicly, such as on CVs and LinkedIn. 

Is card review a 'blind' process?

No. Authors/editors will see who is reviewing their card, and be able to talk with the reviewer via Author Notes.

How do I send my card for review?

The Review section appears below the Author Notes in your card's Edit screen when you:

  • Click Save for the first time on your brand new card, or
  • Have an existing draft or published card.

Click the Submit for Review button to begin.

Who can see that a card was submitted for review?

Only the authors and editors on that card, all card reviewers, and the community administrators can see that a card was submitted for review. This is the same for the various review stages until the review is complete. 

For the above people only, these stages show on: 

  • The card's Edit screen. 
  • The "Submitted" bar on the card's Featured Image.
  • The "Under Review" bar on the card's Featured Image.
  • The "Updates Suggested" bar on the card's Featured Image.

Can the author or editor see the review as it's being worked on?

You will be able to see your review when the reviewer has moved your card to Updates Suggested or the Reviewed stages.

When can the community see that a card was reviewed?

When the reviewer has moved your card to the Reviewed stage. Only then can the rest of the community can see that your card was reviewed. 

Your card will also appear in search results for "reviewed" cards.

What if I change my mind about having my card reviewed?

You can cancel your review at any time, using the Cancel button in the Review section.

What if I disagree with the reviewer?

We encourage you to use this opportunity to collaborate and discuss the feedback with the reviewer! Our aim is to help you deliver a polished, quality card that helps other faculty use and adapt your work.

Do feel free to talk with your reviewer about why a suggestion won't work for you, the direction you wanted the card to go in, and other nuances.

I have a really old card. Can it still be reviewed?

Absolutely! Please do consider viewing the card rubric - which is located in the Review section of your card's Edit screen - before submitting your card for review. We've had lots of great changes to both the card authoring template and how we assess cards, and we want to make sure you're apprised of them.

Can I update my card after it's been reviewed?

Yes. A review is dated for that point in time, and does not mean your card becomes static. 

How does my card become an exemplar?

Card reviewers suggest cards for the exemplar process. Community managers will review these suggestions and make a determination. You will be notified if your card achieves exemplar status.